Pershore College is a rural horticultural College providing services to staff and students (both residential and day visitors)

The refectory had a very 1970's based design, incorporating pine cladding to both walls and ceilings. Lighting was particularly poor, furniture utilitarian and very 'school' oriented.

Service was provided via a 1970s Stills straight 'Conline' servery and a small ad-hoc sandwich servery situated in the main entrance lobby.

Our brief was to bring the ambience of the area into the 21st century at the same time improving customer service and choice. We were given a very low budget with which to work, however by using a mix of existing and some new equipment we were able to create a brand new facility.

Works included:

With some strong purchasing negotiations, a little imagination using paint finishes to create a brighter ambience and the remodelling of some existing equipment, we were able to create a facility which many thought was not possible, given the budget.

Before: The old refectory at Pershore College had a very 1970s design
After: A little imagination and strong purchasing negotiations created a brighter ambience