With the Client emphasis on providing greater floor space for meeting rooms and conference facilities, the Bank required to downsize the space of the existing catering facilities, but increase the ouput.

Due to the very unusual shape of the building some of which was listed (see chef's view of st Pauls), the facilities had to wrap around the inner core of conference and meeting rooms.  The catering area therefore consisted of several interconnecting rooms, which formed the main still/beverages and washup area.  All store rooms where in a corridor area which connected to the main production kitchen, and Chairman's service/still area.

Due to the limited space, we designed a small wall mounted suite and a central chef's station/pass, enabling the chefs to work in a galley arrangement, with hostess and waiting staff not needing to enter the production area.  In order to save further space 10 and 6 grid combi ovens were stacked between the cooking suite and rice cooker.  We were also able to keep heat and energy immissions low, by the use of induction hobs built into the suite

listed window
cooking suite
chef's station