The kitchen has a central cooking island, with two combi ovens and an induction hob. Originally there was a chargrill, but bucking the trend for charcoal, the MPW chefs choose to pan fry their steak and it was removed and replaced with a solid top.   There are the other obvious choices of deep fat fryers and salamander grill - a fairly typical grill restaurant set up (apart from no char grill)

FSC were challenged for space in this very tight city centre development.  We would expect the kitchen in a hotel of this size to be around a third bigger, but I'm pleased with how it's turned out, and I'm really pleased we've managed to bring it up to a four star finish."

Nick Taplin (MD of Sanguine) adds: "Budget and space were the two main challenges at Hotel Indigo, Liverpool.  With Derek’s vast knowledge of the industry and of our company the process was very smooth.  As with any project, budgets can be tight, but this also had a relatively small footprint compared to our other properties."

Derek is currently working on MPW kitchens for Sanguine in Newcastle, Exeter, Hoylake and Birmingham. "The process has been a lot easier after this one was concluded," says Taplin.

"Employing a consultant you have an impartial person within your team.  Derek gives me a true and accurate description of the marketplace with an emphasis on any new trends or price challenges and opportunities.  When tendering for a job to multiple companies Derek is very detailed in ensuring that we are measuring apples for apples."

main bar
main kitchen